Gourmet Sausages is synonymous with first-class products. We have an extensive professional range of items, which all-meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our reputation is second to none. We always aim high, and we never miss!


The London Breakfast: A traditional sausage made from 80% using prime shoulder and belly pork bulked with bread, milk and special seasoning.


Premium Cumberland: Gluten free: A real meat treat made with 97% prime shoulder and belly pork with fresh parsley and special seasoning.


The Italian: Gluten free: A different take on the meaty sausages made with 96% prime shoulder and belly pork, but with the amazing addition of fennel, garlic red wine and Italian seasoning.


The Spanish: Gluten free: Prime shoulder and belly pork with fresh red peppers, mint, garlic, a hint of chilli and seasoning.


Pork and Leek: Gluten free: A real favourite containing 80% shoulder and belly pork. The leeks set off the prime pork meat perfectly.


Pork, Apple and Cider: A Kentish delight as the sweetness and sharpness of the apples and cider combine to let the pork flavours burst through.


Creole Smokey: Another unique meaty sausage that’s a bit different as it combines the Creole spiciness with a tangy smoked flavour.


Toulouse: Gluten free: The king of French sausages given an English slant with 95% prime meat, more than they would ever dream of using in the South of France.


Lincolnshire: A traditional English sausage containing sage and special seasoning.


Chicken and Mushroom: Another very tasty breakfast sausage made from free-range chicken, mushrooms and special seasoning.


Pork and Caramelised Onion: This one is for those with a sweet tooth, a beautiful explosion of flavour containing 88% prime shoulder and belly pork.


Pork and Black Pudding: Ideal for breakfast with the subtle flavour of black pudding.


Pork and Chilli: A sausage with a kick for those who like it hot, but not too hot!


Lamb and Mint: Gluten free: These lamb sausages uphold the great tradition of complementing the prime meat with mint.


Lamb and Rosemary: Gluten free: Again, these lamb sausages uphold the great tradition of complementing the prime meat with rosemary.


Pork and Chestnuts: A traditional sausage for the Yule. (CONTAINS NUTS)


The Stanhill Banger: A sausage prepared especially for Stanhill Farm containing fresh parsley, fresh sage, fresh thyme and with mustard seeds and special seasonings.


Pork, Smoked Applewood, Ham and Chives: What a combination of ingredients and flavour! Lush.


Merguez: A taste of Africa is achieved by using fine spices blended with prime lamb.



  • Burgers
  • English Smokey Back Bacon (Dry cured)
  • Whole Sirloin
  • Sirloin Steaks
  • Chicken Breasts

      Please be aware that with these products there will be a variation in price due to       market cost, please contact us to discuss in detail.


If there is a sausage requirement that we currently don't advertise, please contact us and we are always happy to discuss an alternative range of products. Contact us on 07739697903 or use our contact form.

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